Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Year 2009

It's been 2 years since mummy's last blog.

Noelle and Danielle have a new little brother Adriel. He was born in Nov 2007, time flies, he'll be turning 2 this Nov.

Mummy has also left her job and became a stay at home mum to the 3 kiddos.

It's definitely not an easy job, but thank God for it, now Mummy and the children get to spend loads of time together :)

Noelle and Danielle are no longer "babies". They are "big girls" now, Noelle will be going to Primary 1 next year, how exciting.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yet another 1/2 a Year

Its been another 1/2 a year since Mummy last posted. Update for Noelle 3rd Birthday, she did not get a barney cake after all. Aunt Chien made a very cute cake for Noelle, with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tiger and some other cartoons character. Noelle loved the cake very much and enjoyed her BBQ birthday celebration.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Birthday

It been almost 1/2 a year since Mummy update this blog for the little gals.

Noelle is turning 3 this December 21, and she is real excited about it! Everyday she will go about saying "I am turning 3 in December".

She has already chosen the cake she wants for her Birthday party, a Barney cake.... Mummy tried to introduce other cartoon characters but she insists on Barney.

She is all prepared for her Birthday party and has rehearsed how her cake cutting should be:

Noelle: Everyone must stand here, Mummy, Papa and Danielle....
Noelle: Then we sing Happy Birthday...
Mummy and Noelle sings:
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Noelle, happy birthday to you...
Noelle: Yeeeaaah!!! (Clapping her hands and pretending to blow the candles with all her might)....
Noelle: (laughing so happily) take pictures then can eat the cake already...*all smiles*

Mummy never knew a Birthday cake cutting can make a child so excited and happy :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mother's Day

Mother's Day on 14May. We celebrated at Gilbert ah koo house. Ah gong, Ah ma, Ah yee, Teo teo, papa, mummy, Gilbert ah koo and June ah kim, Danielle and Noelle had steamboat dinner, it was really delicious!

Noelle had great fun with the dogs, Praise and Snoopy. Both she and Danielle enjoyed company of so many people.

Mummy was initially disappointed that Noelle was not able to handmake something for her from school as Noelle was down with fever and flu during that period. Haaa... but few days after Mother's Day, Noelle surprised Mummy with a cute handicraft she made in school and shouted "Happy Mother's Day" when mummy came back from work. How delighted was Mummy.


Noelle always have a problem pronouncing the letter S. She will go "nine" for nice, "eh q me" for excuse me, "bah" for bus. Recently, she overcame it! She started to pronounce the S in fish, bus and the C in nice etc.

Sometimes she overdoes it and add a S to everything she says. Seems like she is so proud of her achievement that she need to use it more often.

Friday, April 21, 2006


For the Good Friday long weekend, we went to Malacca with the gals and Papa's friends. This is their 1st time out of Singapore!

We enjoyed the food and the jalan jalan. Went to the A farmosa and played at the water park. Noelle was excited at first and cant wait to get into water. But after a while she wanted to get out as water got into her eyes. Nothing special for Danielle as she was just a little baby, she just followed wherever we went.

Barney "I love U"

Danielle has become noisier lately. She needs people to carry her or talk to her constantly. Else she cries for attention. There’s 1 way to keep her lying down and happy… is to sing Barney “I love U” song to her! Its goes:

I love you, you love me,
We’re a Happy Family,
With a Great Big Hug and a Kiss from Me to You,
Won’t you say you love me too!

With this song, she’ll stop crying and give a Big Smile instantly…must be all the Barney shows that Noelle watches so frequently!

Going to Work

Noelle has been observing what I do every morning before going to work. She makes comments like if Mummy should go to work or not, Mummy puts powder on the face, etc.

I always tell her she goes to work only after completing her studies, and when she goes to work she can put on makeup like Mummy and does all the things Mummy does.

One night in the car on the way from Ah-ma house back home, Noelle told us she is going to work...

Noelle: Noelle going to work work
Mummy: Where?
Noelle: Noelle going to work work already!
Mummy: Yes, where are you going to work?
Noelle: (very confident and pleased with herself) MACDONALDS!

Er…. Macdonalds? Definitely doesn’t sound ideal to Mummy and Papa.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Disney On Ice

30% off Disney On Ice ticket was too attractive for Mummy to resist! After hearing the news, I got the tickets the same evening for Sat show 1130am. Mummy was real excited about the show, probably more excited then Noelle!

We had to send Ah-mei to Ah-ma house in the morning to ensure that Noelle, Papa and Mummy can enjoy the show without much “disturbance”. But the moment we stepped into Indoor Stadium, I regretted my decision to send Ah-mei away! Being a suaku Mummy, I did not know that it’s so spacious inside, and we can actually walk around! Should have brought Ah-mei along as I am very sure she’ll enjoy the little fireworks, the music and songs and the colourful characters….sorry Ah-mei, I’m afraid you’ve got to wait another year.

We met Andria and Ansel at the show with their Mummy, Ah ma and Ah gong. Aunty Sharon is Mummy's friend since our secondary school days at Fairfield Methodist Secondary School.

Noelle enjoyed the company of her little friends. She was also so engrossed during the show. Really glad she enjoyed so much and managed to sit through the 2hrs. Even till now, she still mumbles “Lexuan watch Mickey Mouse and drink Milo”.

Ah-Ji & Ah-Mei

Noelle calls her baby sister Ah-mei (younger sister) in a very endearing way that melts our heart. If only she treats her Ah-mei as kindly as how she calls her!

In turn we refer her as Ah-ji (elder sister) to baby Danielle :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Noelle Goes To School

Last Monday, 20Mar, was Noelle first time in school! Mummy enrolled her in Fairfield Methodist Church Kindergarten Pre-Nursery. Her class is Pop-corn, so apt for them coz they look so tiny like little popcorn.

Day 1, Mummy followed her to school. We took the school bus together, Anthony (the bus driver) and his wife JoJo are very friendly and the children like them very much. Noelle was very happy and excited to be on school bus and was very well behaved :).

Upon reaching school, seeing so many little kids make Mummy realized that little Noelle is really going to school! She was fine and did not cry even after I left her alone with the teachers.

Being a brave and daring gal, she took to school very well from the very first day. Mummy followed her to school again on the 2nd day, all’s well and from 3rd day, she took the school bus alone to school…well done Noelle!

The Belles

Finally, Mummy got this Blog up and going. Mummy has been procrastinating on this for a long time, and decided it's time to do something before more and more of the kids' actions get missed.

The Belles, Noelle and Danielle... Noelle is 2.5 years old. She is quite a terror and fearless... but recently she fears "Wu-Po" (The Witch), thanks to my Mum and Sis. Her daily past time is Eating! She never fail to pester us for food, food and food... rather, its JUNK food. And she loves to sing too :)

Danielle just turn 4months this 12Mar. Up till now, she is quite well behaved. We all certainly hope she keeps to her good behavior! Can’t imagine having to handle 2 terrors!